Asbestos Removal

Safe Asbestos Management are highly skilled Asbestos Removal experts. We currently hold all required Asbestos handling and removal licences (including the highly regarded A-Class licence). We are FULLY QUALIFIED, ACCREDITED and INSURED!

By law, if you have over 10 square meters of Asbestos to remove you MUST use a licensed contractor!

Asbestos Removal options in Australia…

In Australia and overseas, there has been much controversy over what should be done about asbestos in buildings. There are basically four options:

Label it
By leaving the asbestos intact, but labelled, providing it is in good condition, and is unlikely to be disturbed, it will then be unable to feed fibres into workers’ breathing zones.

Enclose it
If the Asbestos is enclosed so that disturbance of the material and entry into the enclosure is not possible, this can be a viable solution.

Seal it
Encapsulate or deep seal the asbestos, providing it is in good condition and unlikely to be disturbed.

Remove it
Asbestos should be removed if it’s surface is damaged, crumbling, or likely to be disturbed. Removal of asbestos obviously eliminates the hazard forever – provided it is done by a professional licensed Asbestos removalist.The removal of loose asbestos or amounts of bonded asbestos sheeting greater than 10 square meters must be done by a licensed person.

This is where SAFE Asbestos Management can help you.

If you are removing an area under 10 meters you will need to comply with local council regulations and have it disposed of correctly.


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